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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When you polish a turd . . .

. . . you might actually get a diamond.

That's what Joss Whedon's newest episodes of Dollhouse have effectively proven. I don't honestly know why I've held out this long but this season's newest two hour weekly installments have kept my attention and left me wanting more. These cinematic episodes are loaded with action, suspense, emotion, you name it. I mean it's just stinking good stuff. The characters are following suit, really rounding out and becoming dynamic. Not to mention the acting is getting better. More good stuff from a strong supporting cast while Eliza herself is showing a tremendously better range as an actor. 

I can confidently say that if you haven't watched any Dollhouse up until now, consider yourself lucky. Start watching the earliest available episode on Hulu (you'll probably need to supplement the story with a plot synopsis from a quick Wikipedia search) and ignore the rest for the garbage for what it is. You'll be doing Mr. Whedon a favor.

Oh, and I'm in agreement with the sentiment among many Whedonites. Hopefully Syfy picks this gem up and gives it the 2nd or make that 3rd chance it deserves.

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